Melão & Jasmim

Based on mix of sophisticated and delicate aroma, the line of Melon and Jasmine amenities has a refreshing and smooth touch. With its biodegradable formulation, it can be found in two versions of bottles, the luxury line in 30 ml PET bottles, and the Premium line in 45 ml PET bottles.


  • Soap 20g
  • Soap 40g
  • Shampoo 30ml
  • Conditioner 30ml
  • Shower Gel 30ml
  • Body Lotion 30ml
  • 2×1 Shampoo Conditioner 30ml

Number of Customers

150 Name of Establishment


  • Cover Flip Top
  • Essence melon and jasmine Exclusive
  • Cylindrical Bottles of 30ml
  • Biodegradable Formulation

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